Frequently Asked Questions

Passport Validity:

- Your passport should be valid for minimum (at least) 6 months as of date of applying and it must include two blank pages.


What should you do, if the expected embassy does not receive the visa authorization number?
- If you are sure that applying was made at the proper time, but have not received visa number, please contact us to solve the problem in a day.


Is it safe to get airport visa?
- The answer is not quite positive; because it depends on the client's situation and the travel condition. Sometimes the political relations between countries considerably affect the result of visa issuance. 64 nationalities can get airport visa, if no security problem exists. We have faced with few cases refused at airport, but most of the time, it is easy to obtain airport visa.
**Please check it with the related airline, in advance, whether you are allowed to board on plane without having any Iranian visa or not.


Where can I get my visa?
- You can get visa from all the Iranian embassies; however, you must select the embassy while filling out the visa application form.


Can I change the place of obtaining visa after issuance of visa?
- In most cases (specially in peak seasons) NO! You should be careful when filling out the visa application form.


Can I get double or multiple entry visas?
- It should be asked from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when you decide to travel to Iran because the regulations thereof are not fixed and vary from time to time.


How long your visa is valid?
- Maximum visa duration, in which you can apply, is 30 days; but most of the time, you can extend your visa for another 30-day term, by paying 20 USD. You will be granted a grace period of 3 months, to enter and depart Iran as of date of getting visa.


How much you should pay to the agency, and how much is the fee for obtaining visa?
- We (as the agency) will send the applications, refer to the embassy, call several times and follow the process of getting visa, until achieving the result. The service fee is considered as the agency service fee. The sum, you are required to pay to the embassy, is a governmental service fee in exchange for the services you are provided with, while obtaining visa and is not related to the agency.
The sum you pay to one of them does not cover the entire expenses; so they should be calculated and paid separately to each party.

Who is responsible for visa refusal?
- Governments supervise investigation of all types of visas, and any issuance or refusal is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The agency merely acts as an intermediary between travelers and MFA. The reliability of the agency in visa issuance is of major importance; and accordingly, visa refusal will be a bad reputation for the agency. Therefore, our agency would not spare any effort to get positive reply for your visas; but, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs resolves on refusal or issuance of visas, directly.


When can you apply again after being refused or one time entry to Iran?
- You can apply again immediately after refusal. Please, let our agent be informed of the refusal (if refused), and write out the entrance date in your visa forms accurately, as well.


Can our agency get the transit visa?
- We cannot get transit visa for you. You should apply directly through the Iranian embassies; but what you can do instead, is getting tourist visa and use it as the transit one, which is very common.


How long it will take to get an Iranian visa?
- For independent visa applications, the whole process will normally take at least 10 to 14 working days. However, it is noteworthy that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the sole authority that makes decision whether to issue your visa or not. If they have any concerns about your application, this could hold up the application process. It is strongly recommended to apply at least 5 weeks before you intend to travel to Iran


Do I need to book my flights before I get visa?
- No, it is not needed (except for US citizens)


Iranian visa for citizens of USA, UK & CANADA
- If you wonder that American, British or Canadian people can apply for Iran visa, the answer is yes. Almost all nations except the Israeli passport holders can get an Iranian visa, though level of comfort for getting the visa is not the same.

First and most important for an American, a British or a Canadian citizen is to know that they are all welcome, but need to be on a tour either an organized group or private tour escorted by a certified guide. At the time of applying Iran visa you need to submit your full itinerary along with the required documents for Iranian visa. Once you get approved by MFA, you should refer to interest section of Iran to get your visa stamped in your passport.

Due to the mentioned requirements, we recommend you to make your travel arrangements at least 10 weeks in advance to your planned travel date.


Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.